Time Management Tips for College Students

Being a student can be stressful. There are always deadlines, attendance requirements, and personal engagements. Juggling all these will make you think that 24 hours isn’t enough time in a day, and there’s not enough of you to tackle so many responsibilities.

In reality, everyone on the planet has the same number of hours in a day. Getting everything done comes right down to knowing and implementing these tips for managing time in college.

Put aside your books and read on to learn these five tips for time management in college.


Everything seems too time-consuming when you look at a task in its entirety. By breaking tasks down into their constituent parts, you’ll be able to get more done in predictable increments of time.

For example, a 3,000-word paper due the following week might make it seem like you need more days to finish it. However, by dividing the total word count into five or seven days, the task will seem more manageable. The important thing is to do something each day toward its completion.

Do Something Every Day

The previous tip works if parts of a larger task receive your time and attention. To work toward finishing a paper or project means allocating time for it each day. The key is to do something — big or small.

Of course, you’ll need a benchmark to determine if you’re achieving anything. For this reason, make sure your goals for the day are measurable.

Don’t Multitask

The great strength and conditioning coach, Dan John, has this to say about pursuing too many goals and tasks: “Chase more than one rabbit, and you go home hungry.”

When it comes to coursework, nothing is wrong with prioritizing multiple projects. This comes with the territory of being a college student. The mistake you can make is to try doing one thing before you’ve finished another.

This is what smaller tasks are for. They give you something easy to finish, so you can move on to another task that needs your attention. Finishing one task is better than being in the middle or beginning of multiple tasks.

Accomplish What You Think Will Be Easy

Momentum is a powerful thing. It sets you on the proper trajectory to accomplishing tasks. To get the ball rolling, you can start with easy tasks. Trying to start with more difficult tasks will not only slow you down, it will also set you back psychologically.

Schedule Downtime

Not every hour or minute is going to be productive. That’s fine. Breaks are important to maintaining your mental and physical health.

Productivity breaks aren’t bad if you schedule them. Also, it’s best to not schedule breaks during your mealtimes. After all, not everybody can be Elon Musk.

Practice These Time Management Tips for Busy College Students

These time management tips for busy college students aren’t just great for coursework. They’re tips you can implement in other areas of your life — even after graduation.

Follow these tips and make the most out of your time.

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