Resume Tips for College Students

Getting through college is not an easy feat and one that everyone should be proud of. But landing a job, despite finishing a degree with flying colors, can still prove to be a challenge for most. It’s completely fine to be intimidated, especially if you’re submitting a resume that’s practically empty apart from your basic information and some school achievements. Don’t worry, we’re telling you right now that it’s all just a matter of guts and creativity. You’ll land that job, just follow these resume writing tips for college students!

Know the Right Information to Put in Your Resume

Let’s talk about the basics of resume making. You are a fresh graduate and nothing can change that, but what you can control is how you organize whatever credentials you have. A disorganized resume that lacks vital information screams laziness, so be sure to work hard on yours. Be sure to include your name, contact information, whatever work experience you have, and skills. You might want to add additional sections as you won’t have a lot on your portfolio right now; don’t think twice to do so as long as it is true and pertinent info. Add honors, awards, extracurricular activities, certifications, training, proficiencies, and even hobbies and interests.

Tailor Your Resume to the Job You’re Applying For

In a world where almost everything that we do relies heavily on copying and pasting, resist the temptation to do so on your resume. A common mistake applicants make is to create just one version of their resume when the jobs they are applying to have subtle differences. So, you should also create a few versions of your resume that will highlight these subtle differences in them to make it feel more personal to the company to which you are applying.

Focus on Your Education, School Achievements, and Skills

As you probably won’t have a ton of impressive work experience, focus instead on highlighting your skills and educational achievements. And don’t be ashamed of them as companies look for these more than you know. That’s why we urge you to put a personalized section just highlighting your skills to let the company know who you are as a professional and what value you bring to the organization should they pick you. This is most definitely one of the most valuable resume tips for college students with no experience.

Use Action Words

Using action words or verbs in your resume makes it more engaging and is like the equivalent of a call-to-action statement you see in ads. Also, be mindful of your sentence structure and choice of words. A coherent resume is easy to read and will leave a good impression on the recruiter. Use simple fonts, study resume samples, and proofread!

Be Confident

Last but not least on our resume-building tips for college students is to back it all up in the interview. Your resume can only take you so far if you don’t seem to be the person you’ve put on paper. You’ve got this! You’re on top of your game. It’s OK to be nervous, but you have to seize the day.

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